On Aera

Aera is the reputation protocol of Urbit. Aera is unbuilt, but it lives. It is nascent, existing under the skin of Urbit, waiting to be drawn out by some group of intrepid hooners. Aera is coming.

You can find out more about Aera at[...]

We at Quartus just released a new app! It’s called Keep, and it's available now from ~dister-dozzod-dalten. Keep allows you to back up the state of any agent, so that even if you breach, you can still have your Pals, and your Places, and the Gora from last Assembly.

Here I’ll present the general pattern that we used when creating Keep. This will probably make the most sense to you if you have already created a Gall agent or at the very least written some Hoon, but even if not, you will probably be able to come away with a broad-strokes picture of the idea [...]

Talk: Urbit Three Ways with Quartus (Courtesy of Urbit Foundation)