Quartus Co builds custom tooling stacks for Earth-web communities/companies looking to move to Urbit. Quartus Co has provided custom tooling for the Dalten Collective and other clients, with products like Oger, Expo, Ibis.

Quartus Co is available at ~mister-hilper-dozzod-dalten/quartus for consultations.


Some tooling that Quartus Co produces ends up being generalizable, like Peat and Keep. Generalizable tooling in a networked-first operating system often suggests SaaS models (consider DropBox, but on Urbit, evolving from a backup utility).

Quartus Co is building the tools that will enable SaaS on Urbit.


Urbit is a software project that provides a constructive response to frustration with the agglomerative stack that comprises modern, networked computing. Because Urbit is well-considered in its response to The Earth Stack, Urbit as a platform includes many points of differentiation, each of which may stand out to a given developer who was frustrated by this or that problem in their prior experience. The import of Urbit to developers is, consequently, difficult to express. One developer's key point may be another's polite-but-irrelevant-inclusion.

Quartus Co's key mission, throughout all of their enterprises, is to express as many of these possible benefits as possible, through user space applications and back-end tooling. Tools that express "forever yours computing" by providing backup and restoration services across breaches. Tools that express "distributed social computing" through linked social-graph tooling, proof-of-attendance tokens and group management tooling. Tools that highlight the profound ease with which collaborative creative projects can be spun up, on Urbit, through projects like !an-octopus.